Bookkeeping in Witney and Oxford
Bookkeeping in Witney and Oxford

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Why Do I Need a Bookkeeper?

Weekends spent stressing over piles of invoices and receipts are all too common for sole traders. Keeping your books up to date, with no margin for error, is an essential task. You could have the best product or service, in your particular line of business, on the market. However, if you choose to do your books yourself and then get it wrong, it could be disastrous for your business. Engaging a professional, certified bookkeeper to do your books makes sound financial sense and could save your business money.

You should ask yourself these 5 questions when considering which bookkeeper to use:

  1. Are they qualified? – the best are.

  2. Are they flexible? – Will they fit around your needs?

  3. Are they up to date? – Regulations change all the time, they need to be current.

  4. Are they regulated? – Make sure your bookkeeper has a professional body behind them.

  5. Are they going to be easy to work with? – You will, hopefully, have a long term relationship with your bookkeeper. He/she will have to know everything about your business. If you can relate on a personal, as well as a businesss basis, going through your books with them will be less of a task and more productive.

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